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Geometry of Table TennisThe Geometry of Table Tennis 

Table tennis is a sport that can be played at many levels. Similar to other racket sports, golf and other sports, hitting “the sweet spot,” “hitting it pure,” is a magical experience. That perfect swing, the one that delivers a rocket of a ball across the table, full of energy and power, with no effort, is one that brings players back to the sport, no matter how bad a day you are having.   So why can that experience be so elusive?

Professional players, top level players have these moments all the time. One has to experience the amazing power, speed and spin, from a top player in order to appreciate what kind of a ball the perfect swing delivers. It’s an empowering feeling of control, of a sudden you’re more invincible than before. 

Table tennis is a 3D sport.  When you are able to apply the priniciples of geometry, biomechanics and physics to achieve total control with speed and power, you'll be unstoppable!  

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Since the year 2000, The Table Tennis Store has been a valued resource for table tennis in Chicago.

We can help you come closer to table tennis as it is played in the Olympics and the World Championships.

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Everybody has their own style. That is what makes table tennis so exciting!

But style without fundamentals only takes you so far!

And how about proper equipment? Can you be a world champion with any old racket?


There are hundreds of rackets, blades and rubbers to choose from. It seems like everyday there is new equipment that promises more speed, more spin, and more control

(Beware promises of all three at the same time, you can only pick two at a time!).

There are two ways to buy equipment:

1) You buy something to fix what you can't do.


2) Buy equipment that helps you win today, yet suits where you are going (and your budget).

You can't tell that by looking at pictures of rackets and rubbers.


So where can you get real table tennis advice?

You can't find professional equipment at the big box sporting goods stores.

USATT certified coaching is even harder to find!


Being a recreational ping pong player sounds like a condition. 

Learn how to be a real table tennis player, just like the guys in these pictures!

Don't miss out on a lifetime of table tennis fun, play it the way it is supposed to be played!


The 2016 Olympics is coming this summer, look for top notch table tennis in Brazil, then bring it home to your club, or even your own basement!

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